Poetry Contest

2016-2017 "We Three: Bees, Butterflies and Me"

Eligibility: Special Education & English as a Second Language: Kindergarten through 9th Grade. General Education: Kindergarten through 9th Grade.
Contest Rules:
1. All entries must be typed and titled.
2. Include name, address, age, grade, school of participant on the back of entry.
3. Sponsoring garden club and state garden club name must also be identified.
4. Sponsoring garden club may be that of a Grandparent.
5. All entries become the property of NGC, Inc.
  • Poems do not have to rhyme.
  • Poems may be traditional verse, acrostics, blank verse, cinquains, diamond poems, limerick or Haiku.
Deadline:  January 1

Chairman, Saundra Rassi