District and Club Website Help

If your District or Garden Club does not have a website yet, you might be missing out on gaining new members, providing information to your members and bragging about your projects.  Below are some ways for you to get your own website.

  • I suggest you start by polling your members. You never know, you might have a member or spouse that is a closet geek and can create and run a site.
Creating a Facebook page for your club can be a good way to encourage more members to join. I recommend a regular page and not a group page.  A group page requires non members to request permission before they can access the site.  Creating a page takes less than 5 minutes, and is a simple process even for Facebook beginners.
Go to www.facebook.com/pages/create.php, Click on the "Cause or Community" icon, fill in the name of your club, give a description, leave the website address blank if you do not have a website, add a logo or photo,  save and you are up and running. 

  • Free One Page: 
    • A one page webpage with basic information i.e. club name, president, meeting day/ time/ location, list of main activities/ projects/ programs, club contact info (phone & or email).  The page will be a standard format within the OSFGC main website framework.  A photo & or logo can be used if provided in proper format.  Free annual update.  A website address: www.oregongardenclubs.org//yournamehere.  To view a sample page click HERE 

  • And a final method is for me to create and maintain a website for you. I do not charge for my service for garden clubs and districts. I only ask you pay the domain fee - about $25 per year and the hosting fee which is $9 per month.  Many have tried to create and maintain a club website using one of the free services and or so-called user-friendly sites, only to find it is not as easy as it looks.  Web pages can be tricky and unless you are dedicated to learning the many skills needed, it is better to have it created and professionally maintained.
If your club already has a website, please be sure to let me know so I can post it on the Oregon State Websites.

Web DesignFor more information feel free to call me at 503 556 2524

Rod Lloyd
Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs webmaster


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