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Lake Grove Garden Club

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Lake Grove Garden Club was organized in 1924, and is the oldest Federated Garden Club in Oregon. It started with 12 members and presently numbers 41 members--38 active, 2 honorary and one associate member.

Plantings of ivy along the Southern Pacific Railroad banks were the club’s first project – and there is now a long list of community beautification projects to the Club’s credit.

The Club’s first flower show was presented in 1925. Down through the years we have held many shows and won numerous ribbons and awards.

We donated ornamental cherry trees to Lake Grove Elementary School in 1936 and sponsored greenhouses at Uplands and Rivergrove Schools. In 1961 we presented stacks and books to Lake Oswego Library as well as landscaping material for the old library building.

In 1964 we undertook the beautification of the northern highway entrance to Lake Oswego, planting trees, shrubs and flowers, then helped maintain these in following years.

In 1979 we began working at Pioneer Cemetery – first one plot, then five – and also contributed to the roadside planting of mountain ash trees. We have planted and maintain an extensive display of old-fashioned roses along the back border of the cemetery.

In the 1980’s we arranged flowers for the dining room of Mountain Park Convalescent Center on an ongoing basis.

In 1981 we installed a large wooden planter at Lake Oswego Community Center and financed a portion of the landscaping of the center’s grounds. Since 1982 we have furnished the Lake Oswego Library with monthly flower arrangements.

In 1990 the Club submitted a landscaping plan for the Trolley Station House in a national competition and won a $500 award from Exxon Corporation. We augmented the award to pledge $4000 to the development of the Trolley Station House and we installed the initial landscaping.

The Club made a major donation in 1998 to support Lake Oswego’s new Heritage House. In 2005 we voted to make Heritage House our permanent home.

In Spring 2003 we planted a Freedom Tree at the Lake Grove Fire Station to commemorate 9/11. We also participated in planting beds at George Rogers Park. In 2004 we provided judges to the Lake Oswego in Bloom contest and began furnishing monthly floral arrangements to the Adult Community Center (in addition to the library).

In 2006, we worked with the City of Lake Oswego on the George Rogers Park redesign and donated two dogwood trees. We also refurbished our ACC planter as an herb garden for the chef at the ACC. We donated $1000 to help bring the Brewster Rodgerson clematis collection to Luscher Farm.

In 2007, we provided scarecrows and a seed display to Luscher Farm and began participating in their work parties. We contributed informational material to the Library’s annual gardening display and had a booth at the Farmers’ Market during National Gardening Week with members of the Palisades Garden Club.

We traditionally honor deceased members by donating a suitable book to the Lake Oswego Library. Members are involved in a garden therapy program at the ACC and are currently working on a memorial garden at the center (for which we won a state award).

Our interests extend beyond Lake Oswego as we participate in activities of the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs/Clackamas District. The Club offers a yearly scholarship in horticulture at Clackamas Community College and supports many other charitable causes such as Lake Oswego hanging baskets, Tryon Creek State Natural Area, The Oregon Garden, the Berry Botanical Garden and the Garden of Enchantment.

Since 1925 Lake Grove Garden Club has held an annual Spring Plant Sale, with members furnishing plants from their gardens. Proceeds from this event support club operations and its conservation, beautification and education endeavors. This 2007-08 Garden Club year marks our 83nd anniversary.

Looking back at our history, Lake Grove Garden Club can take real pride in our service to the community. We look to the future with firm commitment to furthering conservation efforts and community beautification.