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2015 Photography Contest Winners

Claire Belsher Historic Preservation Award
Sally Thompson, Chair


Ready to celebrate? Ready to celebrate our heritage that is! 
Yes, we can do so by naming a favorite garden club site you have been working on for years or even just one year.
Did you clean out an old garden site adjacent to a historical building? Did you replant with “golden oldies” plants depicting a home’s era? Did you do some cleaning up of a historical house itself? Repainting? Replacing? I would like to know what you and your fellow garden clubbers did.
Claire Belsher began this traveling award in 1977 to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial. We still have the spirit of patriotism and I will help you to celebrate with her award at the 2015 OSFGC convention.

Sally Thompson, Chair, 503-538-2774, mgtsat@comcast.net

Ellen Ambuhl Conservation Award
Norma Curtis, Chair

As chair of the Ellen Ambuhl Conservation Award I am seeking a recipient for our 2015 state convention. In the past 3 years I
have presented an award to North Coast Land Conservancy, Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers and most recently to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gordon House in Silverton, Oregon (pictured, photo by Pat Fifer).
I am asking all district directors to please search your area, talk to your clubs and see if there is a person or group who have helped conserve the treasures that we are so blessed with in Oregon and fit our Conservation Pledge. I am sure there are many OSFGC garden club members that are not even aware of this award and will probably know of potential award recipients.
To apply for the award send me a simple book of evidence by April 15, 2015. Recipient may be an individual member or non-member, club, district or civic group. There is a $100 prize for the winner. If you need help preparing a book of evidence I will share my past books of evidence as a helpful guide.
Please contact me if you have any questions?
Norma Curtis, Chair, 541-386-6635, nlcurtis@hrecn.net

Horticulture Award
Lou Copes, Chair

This award has been given since 1943 for outstanding achievement in horticulture and its allied fields. The recipient is an honored guest at the OSFGC annuals state convention and is presented a citation of merit and a check for $100.

Individuals, garden clubs and districts may make nominations for the award. A Book of Evidence must be submitted which includes a letter summarizing the reasons for the nomination and signed by the person submitting the material. Pictures, newspaper articles written by and/or about the nominee and letters of appreciation for work accomplished by the nominee may be submitted. The annual deadline for this award entry is April 15.

Submit entries to: Lou Copes, Chair,
2835 NW Royal Oaks Drive, Corvallis, Oregon, 541-754-7260